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Summer 2014 Sunglasses Trends

Summer is coming, SUMMER. IS. COMING. We can all agree that one of, if not your most important accessory come summer time is what sunglasses you’re wearing.

There are two trends we see that are going to make summer 2014.

1. ALL ABOUT MIRROR: Mirror has been the trend for a bit now, NOT A FAD, A TREND. We see this will go strong through summer 2014 and manufacturers are only making the trend stronger by coming out with some awesome design that have mirror lenses. If you don’t have a pair of mirror lens sunglasses it’s time to consider buying a pair right now.

ALL MIRROR COLLECTION (Click image below:)

mirror sunglasses

Ray-Ban Mirror Collection (Click Below:)

ray-ban mirrored sunglasses

The brand doing mirror the best right now is Ray-Ban. We put together our favorite and best mirror collection from Ray-Ban. Click the image below to shop the best Ray-Ban mirror collection on the net!

2. ROUND SUNGLASSES MAKE THE WORLD GO…ROUND: Round has been trending for a bit as well but going stronger into summer 2014. Celebrities able to pull the round frame look are wasting no time in rockin’ round shades. Do you have the face shape to rock a pair of round frames? Even if you don’t, and that’s how you want to style, DO IT.


round sunglasses

Want the best of both trends? Look into a pair mirror round sunglasses!

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