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How To Pick The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Guys / Men

There’s one thing all of us guys / men do…that’s shop for a great pair of sunglasses that looks good on us, at least that we think looks good. No seriously, every guy, at some point, will shop for a pair of sunglasses. And…most likely…you’ll always have a pair of shades for the rest of your life.

So, the question is, “HOW DO YOU PICK THE PERFECT PAIR OF SUNGLASSES?” There are so many options, right? I’ll give you my own personal insight and advice.

There are 4 styles every guy should know and try:

Wayfarer Style
Aviator Style
– Clubmaster Style
Round Style

Let’s talk about Face Shape:

Here is my take, the truth is there are certain face shapes that will go better with certain FRAME shapes and we’ll link that here in a bit, however, in all truthfulness to you and yourself, forget face shape when you start the buying process – almost most important than that I think is personal style. The stuff we put on and wear is an artistic form of who we are and speaks about you. When it comes to sunglasses, personal style is HUGE. You’ll be happier choosing a pair of shades YOU LIKE rather than one that someone told you fits your face shape better. Now, if you can find both, PERFECT.

Click To Shop Your Face Shape:





Let’s talk about Bridge Fit:

The bridge fit is pretty important to the way the sunglasses will fit you. You don’t want the sunglasses sitting too high on your face but you also don’t want the sunglasses sitting too low on your face. The bridge of the sunglasses is very important to get that fight just right.

[Meaning of Bridge: the distance between lenses on your nose]

Let’s talk about Frame Color:

Again, you really need to choose the color that you think speaks to you, that’s YOUR STYLE. However, if you want your shades to look awesome on you and stand out, get a color that will go better with your skin complexion. It’s like hair color, right? Some hair color looks better with certain types of skin tones.

best color sunglasses for your skin

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