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Guide to the Best Golf Sunglasses

As an essential accessory while on the links, having the best golf sunglasses can be all the difference between having a good game or a bad one. With the coming summer months, when the sun can be merciless during the day and can cause problems as the sun sets and rises, it’s important to choose the right pair of golf sunglasses.

With long strides in technology made in recent times in lens technology and frame design, there is a pair for everyone this coming golf season. Whether you’re looking for something sporty or more of a traditional type of sunglasses, ShadesDaddy.com has you covered!

With free shipping across the United States and a large selection of golf eyewear to choose from, it’s no wonder ShadesDaddy.com is a leader in providing a fitting pair for everyone.

The best golf sunglasses are available to you through a wide selection of different styles and colors. Through our easy-to-use guide, we’ll make it easy for you to choose the right pair for you before you hit the links this summer.

Best Golf Sunglasses Considerations

When it comes to choosing your pair of golf sunglasses, there are a few considerations. The obvious chief consideration should always be eye protection. With most of ShadesDaddy’s full catalogue, we feature a plethora of sunglasses with UV protective lenses that will protect your eyes from the sun during the most critical tee times.

Golf is all about precision and decision-making. If your eyesight is affected by harmful UV rays in any way, it can alter your game dramatically. More importantly, though, prolonged exposure to sunlight can create considerable risks of eye diseases down the road.

Buying a pair of sunglasses that not only allows you to see the ball without any strain or unimpeded but allows you to see your ball in flight on your way to victory, is surely the way to go.

Polarized Sunglasses

On top of UV protection, there’s also a notion to consider using polarized sunglasses to reduce glare that’s been reflected off surfaces, diminishing contrasts of colors and objects.

Consider using polarized sunglasses if glare is an issue deciphering the ball against the glare of water or sand traps.

However, an argument can be made for those that find the polarized technology creates nausea and thus impedes their overall depth perception. Also, the effectiveness of polarized sunglasses can be altered a bit on very bright days, which is something else to consider.

Sunglasses Designs

Considerations also include the overall look of the frames you will purchase. Golf attire is generally attributed to classic, clean looks with pressed polo shirts and plaid pants. Accompanying your golf ensemble with a classic pair of shades will no doubt make you look the part, but will be functional to your overall game.

ShadesDaddy.com features many different styles and designs to fit your golf style. Factors in the actual design of the sunglasses differ in durability and comfort and those factors are taken into account.

Some golfers play with more sporty, ultra-light frames so the sunglasses won’t affect their overall game but stay comfortable on the face.

Others wear more of a classic pair like aviators that are functional but exude a more powerful look for when off the course.

When looking for the right pair of golf sunglasses, the experts at ShadesDaddy recommend the following criteria:

  • Material – the overall materials of the frames should be of a strong substance, like a polycarbonate, so they can withstand all outdoor conditions. We also want to emphasize the importance to have scratch-free lenses.
  • Durability – because you will be out on the links normally for an extended period of time, it’s important that your sunglasses can withstand all conditions on the links.
  • Comfort – as a golfer, it’s important to stay loose and comfortable. We recommend wearing a pair of sunglasses that will fit snugly on your face and stay on your face while attempting your short game and long swings.
  • Resistant – because most sunglasses come with a hydrophobic coating in the lens to make them more water-resistant. You will also want them to be scratch and impact-resistant, so there are no impediments in your game. 

Our Recommendations

The ShadesDaddy experts recommend getting a pair that fits all of the above criteria but will give you the maximum output on the course. Purchasing a sporty or a classy look differs on the person wearing the frames, so see how you look style-wise and put the shades to the test.

Some of our recommendations include the following:

Flak 2.0 Xl - OO9188 Polished Black / Prizm Golf - Non Polarized

Flak 2.0 Xl – OO9188 Polished Black / Prizm Golf – Non Polarized

Oakley Men's OO4147 Contrail Pilot Sunglasses, Satin Toast/Prizm Tungsten Polarized, 57 mm

Oakley Men’s OO4147 Contrail Pilot Sunglasses, Satin Toast/Prizm Tungsten Polarized, 57 mm

EL CARMEN - 25875A - 63MM

EL CARMEN – 25875A – 63MM

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