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Folding Ray-Ban Clubmasters RB 2176 Review

ray ban folding clubmaster sunglassesThe Ray Ban brand name is recognized and associated in the market as the most superior quality eyewear providing company in the industry. Multitudes of individuals opt for the classic brand sunglass models, which have come to be regarded as the pinnacle of chic style, and an absolute necessity for all fashion enthusiasts and avid fans of the brand.

The brand offers an extensive portfolio of various sunglass models which have served to simply amaze and delight the masses, with their stylish frame designs and other safety and quality eyewear options, created for the specific needs of the diverse client market of the company.

Among all the other fashionable sunglass models manufactured by the company, the most startling addition to the Ray Ban collection are the Ray Ban 2176 Folding Clubmasters. They have completely revolutionized the conventional and traditional designs of sunglasses popular in the market, and have offered the industry a pair of sunglasses which caters to the un-served needs of the clients.

The RB 2176 Folding Clubmasters

The 2176 Folding Clubmasters series of the Ray Ban brand has received enthusiastic approval and a warm welcome from the fans of the company, as the design has been expertly crafted and manufactured to ensure the ease and convenience of the young client market, which seeks new and stylish sunglass models in the market. SHOP THE RAY-BAN 2176 FOLDING CLUBMASTERS HERE.

Frame Features

The RB 2176 Folding Clubmasters have relatively rounded design frames with the iconic Ray Ban logo on the lenses, which sports a single bridge, along with a relatively slim frame structure to appeal to the fashion needs of the client market.

The frame has been designed from acetate material, which makes it a very lightweight form of eyewear for regular sunglass users. The slim design of the sunglass frame makes the RB 2176 an ideal choice for individuals who seek models which are hip and trendy, while also being retro, which makes it perfect for fashion enthusiasts and regular users.

Distinguishing Element

The temple hinges and the nose bridge of the RB 2176 Folding Clubmasters have been designed to ensure the ease of compact style, to the client market, as the hinges have been created in such a way so as to ensure easy placement of the sunglass pair inside the pocket of an individual.

The hinges ensure easy placement, as well as remove every fear of any damage to the frame, while storing it in the pocket or any other place when not in use. The hinges have been crafted to enable the user to completely fold the sunglasses pair, giving the well deserved name to the model.

Additional Features

The RB 2176 Folding Clubmasters sunglass frames easily accommodate prescription as well as polarized lenses, and are also available with gradient tinted lenses. The sunglass model serves to provide its users with complete comfort and stylish fun of sporting a pair of eyewear, which is a trend in itself in the industry.

Hard core fashion devotees and style fans find this model a very convenient and chic option for daily protection of their eyes while outdoors.

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