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Fall 2011: Retro Super Future Sunglasses

Retro Super Future is an Italian sunglass brand which launched in 2007, like their name their shades have a retro feel to them. The companies Fall/Winter 2011 collection consists of new versions of four of their trademark styles.
They have given the four styles in the collection subtle changes which have made huge differences. The shades show off new colors as well as various options for the lenses.
So let’s go through the four styles and check out what they have changed.

• Basic Elements

This was the model that made the brand known worldwide. The frames for the lenses are opaque and semi transparent, bringing a new look to this traditional shade. The combinations between the frames and lenses are also a bit unexpected, like the opaque green with a brown lens.

• Flat Top Laca

This frame is one of the most imitated frames, the sharp line at the top has appealed too many. This fall they gave a new flair by adding a selection or tortoise acetates.

• Lucia & People Piedra

These two models have a more organic feel to them, using natural colors and materials. With these shades, smooth curves, sharp angles and organic color give these pieces a unique yet classic feel.

Check out some of the brands style and click on the images in order to get more detail on the sunglasses.




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