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What’s the Difference between Regular Lenses and Transitions Lens?

Are you looking for the ideal pair of lens for your eyeglasses?

Eyewear is undoubtedly something chosen with great care and attention to detail, in order to ensure that the eyesight of an individual does not suffer. While looking for a suitable eye frame, eye lens are given even more importance, because of their direct impact on the vision of the individual.

Doctors prescribe specific lenses for some individuals, who have sensitive eyes or a special need. A wide range of lens options along with lens material is available, for the assistance of the individuals who require specific lenses to address a special sight need.

Transition lens and regular lenses, are the choice of individuals while taking their pick of adequate eye lens for their eye glasses. Transition lens are very different from regular eye lenses are preferred by a number of people for their numerous advantages.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are also called as photochromic lens, and are specially used by individuals for their variety of benefits.

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Protection from UV Rays

Photochromic or transition lenses are specially designed to ensure maximum protection from the exposure to ultra violet light. Most doctors instruct individuals to protect their eyes, when outdoors, from the harmful rays of the sun.

Transition lenses have been specifically designed to protect the eyes of an individual from unnecessary exposure to dangerous sun rays, by the darkening of the lens when exposed to sunlight. The harmful rays do not penetrate the lens, and the eyes of the individual are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Two in One!

The amazing feature of the transition lenses is that once they are removed from a sunlit area, and the individual wearing them enters a house or dark place, the lenses automatically shift to a much lesser dark effect. The lenses have been designed with double shaded effects, with it becoming completely dark when exposed to sunlight, and then resuming a normal light hue when in a normal indoor environment.

The lenses make it easy for an individual to enjoy perfect vision, both indoors and outdoors.

Light Weight

These lenses are extremely light and preferably used by individuals who want a pair of comfortable and light weight eyewear. Their light weight feature also makes it a perfect lens option for children.

Tough and Durable

The transition or photochromic lenses are very durable and have a high impact resistance feature, which makes it ideal for kids. Theses lenses are considered to be ten times more resistant to any kind of major impact, which makes them very safe and durable for use in eyewear for children.

Availability of Variety

The transition lenses are available in a variety of different lens designs and light weight materials, which makes it easy for individuals to have their pick, according to their need. Bifocal and progressive addition lenses are also available in photochromic effects for the convenience of the individuals.

Regular Lenses

The regular lenses used by individuals in eye wear, may be made up of glass or plastic etc. These lenses do not provide any protection from ultra violet light. They are also not as durable as the transition lenses and are liable to break up on impact.

Owing to the beneficial features of the transition lenses, they are preferred by individuals as the most durable lens for comfortable eyewear.



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