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What Oakley Lenses Are Best For Fishing?

The evolution and acceptance of sunglasses from a mere fashion accessory to a necessity for every individual, has prompted a significant change in the industry. The latest technology is constantly being incorporated and new methods devised, in order to introduce outdoor eyewear which ensures great comfort and improved visibility in all conditions.

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As the significance of protecting the eyes from the ultra violet rays of the sun has become well known, more and more individuals have started to practice care in taking time to choose the ideal pair of sunglasses for themselves. It is important to select sunglasses which offer the required amount of effective protection and comfort necessary to meet the unique needs of an individual. For individuals who are sports professionals or enthusiasts, efficient eyewear protection is vital in order to help them meet their needs of greater visibility and glare protection while outdoors.

Fishing is a sport which requires long hours of patience and skill in order to make the catch of the day. Expert fishermen recognize the need of an appropriate outdoor eyewear which can ensure them effective glare protection caused from the reflection of light on the surface of the water.

Oakley Straight Jackets and Half Jackets are sunglass designs which have been especially crafted keeping the needs of professional fishermen in mind. But the lenses of these sunglass frames are mainly responsible for providing an individual with a comfortable experience with unhampered vision.

Oakley offers the Deep Blue Polarized and the Shallow Blue Iridium as lens options to compliment the Straight and Half Jackets sunglass models for fishermen.

Shallow Blue Iridium

The Shallow Blue lenses offer a significant contrast feature in areas like coastal flats etc, along with ensuring effective protection from the ultra violet rays of the sun. These lenses are best suited for use in medium light conditions, which assist in spotting fish in lakes and rivers, and fish holding terrain.

The contrast feature of the lens facilitates fishermen in identification of the ideal fishing terrain along with the spotting of the movement of the fish, for easy fishing. The lenses come equipped with the standard Oakley optical high quality, which ensure great visual clarity along with effective glare protection with the polarized lenses. The lenses do not hinder vision due to any smudges, water, skin oils, etc. which might accumulate on their surface, and do not tire the eyes even after long hours of eyewear use.

The Shallow Blues are lighter in tint than the Deep Blues and thus provide more transmission of light.

Deep Blue Polarized

The Deep Blues are lenses especially designed for fishing in the open water. These lenses are darker in tint than the Shallow Blues and have been crafted to offer protection in very bright conditions for the ultra violet rays of the sun. These lenses offer glare protection and ensure a comfortable experience even after a long day of sporting polarized lenses.

Though these lenses are not ideal for spotting fish in the shallow water, but even then they offer great visibility and convenience to engage in open water fishing with ideal comfort.

The lenses offer the unique superior quality of the Oakley brand and ensure visual clarity with the highest level of protection to provide a relaxing, comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding fishing experience for all.


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