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What Color Sunglasses Are Best for Golf?

Question from a YouTube subscriber: “what color sunglasses are best for golf?” I think what he meant to ask what is the best LENS color in sunglasses for golf. Along with the video, please see features of the G30 lenses from OAKLEY. 

port performance lens for flat to medium light. Rose base with a subtle Iridium coating to improve contrast and depth perception in blues and greens. Excellent for golf.


(click image to see full selection and styles in the G30 lens from OAKLEY.)

The 30 in the name refers to the fact that 30% of light is let through to protect your eyes. Recently Oakley also have a have introduced the G20 that, you guessed it, allows 20% of light through for those who need a slightly darker lens with the same golf specific performance.

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