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Sunglasses Reviews

Sunglasses Reviews

What is Ray Ban Liteforce

Ray-ban, a very popular brand that specializes in eyewear and sunglasses, is undoubtedly the most sought after brand by people of all ages. From the stylish teens who wish to set a style statement of their own to the…

costa del mar blakfin sunglasses
Sunglasses Reviews

Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglasses Review

If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses for the outdoors, ‘sporty’ and have a cool look & design, you may have just found your pair. ShadesDaddy takes you into an indepth COSTA DEL MAR BLACKFIN review which…

Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses Review

One of the more popular Oakley sunglasses but remains a bit on the D/L in the TwoFace. Check out the ShadesDaddy OAKLEY TWOFACE SUNGLASSES review which we give you a quick snapshot (everything you need to know,) on the…

oakley batwolf sunglasses
Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses Review

Looking for a pair of Oakley that has a shield rectangular shape and great for outdoors and beautiful design? Check out our OAKLEY BATWOLF SUNGLASSES review. We’ll feature sizing (fitting,) information along with features and see if the Oakley…

oakley enduro sunglasses
Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley Enduro Review

Looking at possibly purchasing a pair of the OAKLEY ENDURO sunglasses? This to us is one of the cooler Oakley styles that is part of the Shaun White collection.  Let’s look at some of the fitting measurements and features…

ray-ban justin
Sunglasses Reviews

Ray-Ban Justin Review

Looking to buy Ray-Ban Justin, RB 4165 sunglasses? Check out what you need to know about the Ray-Ban Justin RB 4165 and see if they are the perfect frame for you! The Ray-Ban Justin is a sort of Wayfarer…

ray-ban 4181
Sunglasses Reviews

Ray-Ban 4181 Review

Looking to buy a pair of the Ray-Ban 4181 sunglasses? These are beautiful Ray-Ban frames that are very stylish, classic and goes with both casual and formal looks.   FIT INFORMATION STYLE: SQUARE FRAME MATERIAL: PLASTIC LENS MATERIAL: GLASS CASE TYPE: HARD EYE…

oakley holbrook LX sunglasses
Sunglasses Reviews

Oakley Holbrook LX Review & Guide

Looking to buy a pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses? Check out the OAKLEY HOLBROOK LX sunglasses. A new version of the classic and popular Holbrook collection that starts and really ends with a difference in size and colors. Some…