Can Oakley Sunglasses Get Wet?

Can Oakley Sunglasses Get Wet?

Have you been worried about wearing your Oakley Sunglasses to your next snow expedition for the fear of damaging them? Throw caution to the wind as your Oakley goggles are equipped to handle water and snow!

Can Oakley Sunglasses Get WetYour sunglasses have been designed to perfection and are suitable for rugged circumstances. But if you want to maximize its longevity and performance then you must follow the care guidelines to the rote. If your glasses get wet due to water, rain, perspiration or snow then the first thing to do is shake off excess water from the frame. Thanks to its ventilation ports and lens vents, the water will be out of the system in no time. All the Oakley eye wear comes with an additional bag that makes cleaning and storage easy. Use the Microclear bag included in your kit to blot out all the remaining moisture from your goggles. Be patient and let the moisture dissipate so that you can reuse your Oakley sunglasses again.

Oakley is a brand for not just impeccable style but also smart designing. Check the manual for all the guidelines that can protect your sunglasses from any damage due to long standing moisture. The smart air flow system design will keep your glasses dry. The air flow mechanism of the sunglasses has been designed thoughtfully which allows the goggles to dry out when you are on the move.

With hundreds of options to choose from and thousands of styles in its repository, Oakley spoils its loyal customers to the hilt. Pick the one that suits your lifestyle the best. Are you a swimmer? You enjoy adventure sports? Need extra protection from the harsh sun? There is something for everyone at an Oakley store. All their styles have been built to suit your preferences so that you never have to compromise style, even in the toughest terrain!


The innovative and fashionable Oakley sunglasses are now coveted more than ever. This high performance eyewear is perfect for all occasions and all weathers. Just take proper care of your favourite eye gear and use them one season after another and for as long as you like. Water, if properly dried out of the frame and glasses will have no damaging impact. However, always make sure that your sunglasses are completely dry before you store them for long period.

Just words of advice, if you want the efficiency of your sunglasses to stay in top order, wear them on your eyes and not your forehead. Water is your enemy only as long as you don’t guard the ventilation ports!

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