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Best Cycling sunglasses 2018 – The Oakley Jawbreaker

Regardless of their clear name, the best cycling shades accomplish more than stopping you from squinting as you reach the end of your incline. Truth be told, we are a huge fan of the Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses! From minimizing glare, responding quickly when confronted with sun-drenched spells to keeping grit, grime, flies and even worse out of your sight, there’s quite a bit the Oakley Jawbreakers can do.

After buying a sensational new road cycle, don’t simply just go for the coolest-looking set of sunglasses and be finished with it. There are many little considerations to bear in mind first.


The decision of lens coloring doesn’t just drop to whether you’d like to appear to be Johnny Depp in Dread and Loathing in NEVADA or Johnny Depp in true to life. Like different classes within an old-school RPG, each color gives away a specific power: yellow lens sunglasses increase the contrast, so that it is easier to differentiate between highway and sky on those all-too-abundant gray days; blue lens sunglasses reduce glare and pressure on the eyes, and are of help in low light; and brownish or amber lens improve depth belief.

Clear lenses, without much cop in excellent sunlight, are naturally better if you are more of a nights rider, as they’ll keep all the grit and other miscellaneous nastiness out of your eye without making you officially blind.

From then on, you have classic grey, a vintage option if you’d like to your special system not to look too much like special set.

Photochromic zoom lens sunglasses, finally, will be the most interesting of the number. Their tint changes with regards to the power of the light, exactly like Reactions lens in everyday eyeglasses, meaning you don’t need to move over and change your technical specs when sunlight vanishes in back of, or comes away from, a cloud. You are able to just continue truckin’ (bicycling).


Best cycling sunglasses


OAKLEY JAWBREAKER SUNGLASSES The best cycling sunglasses overall!

Oakley’s eye wear is usually on point, and the Oakley jawbreaker sunglasses are insanely good.

They’re comfortable to wear, the structure is light, and the clearness of the prizm lens is exemplary, without interference to front vision if you are looking down, nor peripheral eye-sight when looking right ahead.

You may easily forget you’re using the Jawbreaker, and they are variable at the temple to three different measures, to support for various helmets, and big minds.

Simply great features at all times, in short.

Looking to buy a pair of Oakley Jawbreaker sunglasses? Look no further Shades Daddy has them in three different shades!
Oakley Jawbreaker White Black / Grey Lens Mirror Sunglasses
Oakley Jawbreaker Black / Black Lens  Mirror Sunglasses
Oakley Jawbreaker White / Purple Lens Sunglasses 

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