Amtrac – Came Along CD Review / Listen

amtrac came along
Dude! Listen to this record! We heard it once and it has been on constant rotation in our playlist. If you’ve never heard of Amtrac – chances are you haven’t – here you go. Fill your ears with some GOOD music. My personal favorite is the track titled, “HEART’S NOT MADE OF GOLD.”

**Note: This playlist doesnt have every song on the record.


“Amtrac, the solo project of Kentucky’s Caleb Cornett, has just the right mixture of pop and cutting-edge sonics to break through the void. On ‘Came Along,’ Amtrac guides a rapid, crunchy beat and electric piano figures to a thoroughly mature songwriting space. He’s restless, though. This poise quickly evolves into spliced samples flickering across the track in microtonal dots — a true dancefloor deconstruction.”

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