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50 Shades: 50 iconic images from 50 years of popular culture.

This November comes the release of “50 Shades”, a coffee table book devoted entirely to the art of looking cool in sunglasses. We’ve never been more excited for a book to come out. 

” ‘With my sunglasses on, I’m Jack Nicholson. Without them, I’m fat and 60.’ ”

Sunglasses. The great equalizer. Celebrities wear them to blend in, the rest of us wear them to stand out. Either way, nothing else, except possibly the way one dances, tells you so much about who a person thinks they are than their choice of shades.

This November, Reel Art Press will release 50 Shades, a stunning hardback coffee table edition featuring fifty photographs of the last century’s most iconic figures in the coolest sunglasses of the age.

From Andy Warhol to Brian Jones, Elvis Presley to Yves Saint Laurent, Clint Eastwood to Catherine Deneuve, 50 Shades features stunning photography reproduced to the highest quality and text from leading fashion writer, Lauren Goldstein Crowe.”

– Lauren Goldstein-Crowe


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