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Who Do Aviator Sunglasses Look Best On?

The classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are still a hit after 80 years since the first item of the kind was produced and sold to the US pilots. The rich legacy and the timeless look which fits every occasion and, if the style is picked carefully, can fit every face shape.

Taking up the right style

Aviator sunglasses come in multiple styles nowadays, so you can pick the right lenses shape for your face. The classic, original shape is the teardrop, which is wider at the top and narrower to the bottom. This shape works best with oval and rectangular faces. For an oval face, aviator sunglasses will complement the look, as people with oval faces are considered to be the standard for beauty.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses RB 3025 W3234

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses RB 3025 W3234

Soften your features

Wearing aviator sunglasses on a rectangular face, which has strong lines, can help reduce the angles, making your face more similar to the standard oval shape. Rectangular faces are characterized by wide jaws and foreheads, as well as cheekbones, so the rounded lines of the aviators are going to soften these straight angles.

Diamond shaped faces, characterized by well defined, yet narrow chin, wide cheekbones and narrow forehead, are complemented by shades that soften the lower part of the face. This makes classic aviators a good pick; modern aviator sunglasses with a mix of metal and plastic frames also work like a charm for your diamond shaped face, as they draw the focus on your eye level.

The alternative styles

The standard aviator sunglasses have couple of alternatives when it comes to the shape of the lenses. There are the navigator lenses, which keep the same width at the top, while narrowing at the bottom but they don’t have that pointy feature that regular aviators have. Their more rectangular shape fits oval faces and complements round faces by balancing the shapes and the lines. The shape of the aviators can complement your wide cheekbones without emphasizing them even more.

Navigator lenses in aviator sunglasses can fit heart-shaped faces as well; you need to experiment with different materials for the frame in order to find the perfect fit for you. The classic feel of the aviators comes from the mix of metal frame and green lenses, but for a heart-shaped face you can add more color to draw the attention towards your wider part of the face, leaving the pointy chin in the background.

Depending on your personal style and detailed features, you can find that aviator sunglasses do complement your face, even if you don’t stick to these rules. Sometimes it’s OK to bend the rules a little, especially if this makes you feel and look like a superstar!


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