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What Sunglasses is Rihanna Wearing in Bitch Better Have My Money?


Rihanna in the music video B**ch Better Have My Money

The famous and much loved Rihanna is known for helping set many fashion trends and styles and she is at it again, this time with sunglasses. Rihanna wears Dior My Dior 3 sunglasses in the music video for the popular song B**ch Better Have My Money. In the video, which in itself is an interesting bit of film and story telling magic, Rihanna wears the Dior My Dior 3 sunglasses during a pool scene in the video. The same glasses are seen briefly several other times in the video.


Dior My Dior 3 Sunglasses

Like many celebrities, when Rhianna chooses to wear something, especially in one of her big music video productions, the world takes notice and this has caused the interest in the Dior line of sunglasses to explode in recent months. The Dior My Dior 3 collection is very unique among most sunglasses styles and brands as they are made from rubber and are flexible and bendable in their frames. The style of these shades helps to introduce a sportier look and open the Dior line to a whole new target audience. The glasses worn by Rihanna in the video feature a blue frame and pink arms and in bright lemon yellow you can see the Dior logo on the side.

There are many color combinations and frame shades to choose from, making the Dior My Dior 3 line one of the most popular sporty shades on the market today. For those who love Dior’s iconic My Lady Dior handbags, and all the other amazing Dior products, the Dior My Dior 3 sunglasses are sure to be an instant hit. The same crisscross pattern that made the brand’s handbags so iconic can be found on the side arms of every Dior 3 frame. The presence of the Dior logo on the frames also cements the style and excellence and bestows upon the wearer a certain level of sophistication. The thing that puts these frames far above the competition is the Italian acetate and the opalescent sheen that comes only from the French fashion house and manufacturer. And best of all- you can look just as good as the celebrities and show off your own style and flare with a pair of Dior My Dior 3 frames today. For designer eyewear that makes a lasting impression there is no need to look any further!

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