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What Sunglasses Fit Best on an Oval Face Frame?

Sunglasses are the type of accessory that if not fitted correctly, you can go from looking fabulous to looking outdated. They are without a question a connection to summer time. They not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they add character to your look and accentuate your style to the max. Let’s face it, sunglasses are the most fun accessory to play around with, so we have to make sure we look damn good wearing them!

If you have an oval face frame, you should consider yourself lucky because you can pretty much wear any sunglass style and frame available. Oval faces can sport round to square frames, oversized, aviators, cat eyes and everything in between. One of the only features people with oval faces must take into consideration before purchasing a pair of shades is the size of lens compared to your eyes.

To make sure sunglasses fit correctly to your face frame, you have to make sure the end of both your eyebrows align with the end of the lenses. Even if the style is oversized, the end of the lens must always be in proportion with your brows.

If you have a small oval face, oversized sunglasses should be one of your last options as they will give you the image of “small-girl/gigantic-sunglasses”. However, if your profile is more or less normal size, then you’re pretty much free to choose any existing model on hand.

Here are my top 5 favorite styles that only oval face frames are sure to rock better than anyone else:

5) Cat Eyes: Mainly worn by women, this 50’s inspired style will make anyone wearing a pair fashionably chic! Audrey Hepburn’s use of them in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s made this frame notable. They are thick-rimmed with the arms of the glasses joining the lenses at the very top corners giving the effect of a cat’s eye ( It comes in a wide range of variations, from the more traditional softer swoop to a wider and funkier feline curve.

4) Oversized Jackie-O’s: Ever since Jackie Onassis, the always fashionable first lady, wore her patented oversized glasses in public, they have been popular with the public. They give mystery to its wearer because it offers more eye/face coverage than any other style, characterizing elegance and glamour. (

3) Wayfarer: Ray Ban’s best selling item has been around since 1950’s. After a few decades of unpopularity, this style came stronger and cooler than ever by mid 2000’s with a new, significant redesign: rebellious, edgier and with a smaller, less angular shape. Their material changed from acetate to a lighter injected plastic. Considered a vintage style, nowadays the Wayfarer includes three best selling models: Original Wayfarer RB2140 (, New Wayfarer RB2132 ( and Wayfarer Folding RB4105 ( They come in a wide variation of colors codes and pattern designs.

2) Browline “Clubmaster”: The name derives from the fact that the upper part of the frame borders the lenses in the same way eyebrows frame the eyes. Nowadays, this style is best known as “Clubmasters” ( and has become one of Ray Ban best seller items. Famous wearers include: 500 Days of Summer actor Joseph Gordon Levitt and Colonel Harland Sanders (founder of KFC) pictured in the logo!

1) Flat Top: Ignited by brand RetroSuperFuture (, this phenomenon has become one of the most, if not the most, popular frame used by trendsetters and celebrities today. Made in multiple color graduations and models, this style is the perfect representation of future sunglasses combined with funk, attitude, and rock!

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