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What Kind of Sunglasses Did Johnny Cash Wear?

johnny cash sunglasses

Joaquin Phoenix in WALK THE LINE as JOHNNY CASH

Johnny Cash’s iconic style statement proved that simplicity combined with a little rustic touch can stand the test of time. Even the kind of accessories he put on added their bit to complete his look. For instance, Wayfarer sunglasses have become synonymous with Johnny Cash. The style put on by this influential American musician has become an exemplary style for many. This particular model is known for its compact style. Due to its sleek design and variety of styles available these sunglasses have never run out of fashion. The most common combination among the range of these sunglasses is black frames and green glass. (We couldnt find a picture of Johnny in Wayfarers so we used J.P. who played Johnny in the great movie, “Walk The Line.”)

Some of the amazing features of Wayfarers are:

  • It has an adequate mechanism that makes it practical and portable
  • It has an attractive design
  • It is both comfortable and durable
  • It has polarized lenses that offer optimum protection to the eyes
  • It is lightweight and scratch resistant at the same time

These sunglasses are best suited while driving. However, even if you are looking for something casual yet stylist there can be no other better choice than the Wayfarers. In fact, these sunglasses are also known as the Johnny Cash brand.


WAYFARERS: Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses RB-2140

Trendiness and elegance come hand in hand in the Wayfarer sunglasses. One will be amazed to know that how easily one can carry them. The frame material can be made of acetate and plastic. The lens on the other hand is made of glass, plastic or polycarbonate. The lenses of these sunglasses are so designed that they can absorb up to 85% of visible light. The green lenses in the Wayfarer sunglasses do a wonderful job by giving a remarkable color contrast. Besides these most of the lenses used to manufacture Johnny Cash sunglasses ensure clarity of vision and more of a natural vision. There are several frame shapes and colors available in the Wayfarer category and one can select the shape that is best suitable for his or her face.

When it comes to the choice of lenses in Wayfarer sunglasses the options are many. You can choose the classic ones that have solid colors and were originally developed for the military. In fact, the classic lenses also offer a higher level of protection, clarity, and comfort. Then there are the gradient lenses that give a trendy and unique look to the wearer. They come in a range of exciting colors and provide a smooth transition from the solid colors to the transparent variety. While the new models of flash lenses have the capacity to reduce glare to a large extent and they offer edginess to one’s look. So choose a Wayfarer and stand out in the crowd.


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