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What is Oakley Asian Fit Compared to Oakley Regular Fit

When trying to select your favorite Oakley shades, you may be asking yourself, “what is Oakley Asian fit?”

While choosing the perfect pair of Oakley sunglasses it is essential to select one which ensures maximum comfort and ease. Sunglasses, being the most important accessory and eyewear used for the protection of the eyes while outdoors, are chosen with the utmost care with an eye to the specific design and different needs of an individual.

A variety of different frames and designs along with lens styles, tints and coatings are available in the market, for providing the user with a unique and comfortable experience, while engaged in different outdoor activities. In order to ensure the ideal fit for individuals, sunglasses are specially designed, and two terms widely used in the industry of “Asian and Regular fit”, which emphasize the suitable design style of the sunglass frame for different individuals. Asian fit and regular fit are actually sunglass frame design and sizes, which have been manufactured with small changes in almost all Oakley sunglasses, to provide comfort to users, who find it hard to find the perfect fit for themselves.

what is oakley asian fit

Asian and regular fit sunglass frames have some differences. The sunglasses are specially designed to accommodate the different needs of individuals, looking for comfortable sunglasses that fit them well. Below, you’ll find the differences between Oakley Asian fit vs regular fit.

Difference in Nose Bridges

The Oakley Asian fit sunglasses sport nose bridges which have been specially designed to be narrow and deeper, unlike the regular sunglass fit frames. This serves as ideal for individuals who have difficulty in finding the perfect fit in their sunglass frame.

oakley asian fit sunglasses

The Oakley Asian fit nose bridges provide a longer nose mount pads, which ensures maximum room for adjustment and accommodation. This frame  also sport specifically designed nose pads with special sizes. Making it easy to adjust the frame on a higher nose, which ascertains the comfort of the users. Unlike the regular fit sunglasses that do not offer this feature.

The screws in the nose pads of the Asian fit sunglasses have special S shaped arms. This offers more room for comfortable adjustment.

Difference in Sunglasses Ear Stems

oakley asian fit vs regular fit

The Oakley Asian fit sunglasses have specially designed ear stems to better fit the individual. The ear stems are more rounded. This accommodates the shape of the head of the user and ensures a comfortable shapely fit. Regular Oakley fit sunglasses have standard ear stem designs, for individuals who are comfortable with the original Oakley style.

Difference in Frame Curvature

oakley asian fit

The front curvature of the Oakley Asian fit sunglasses is reduced, and less wide in size verses the regular fit Oakley style. It is ideal for individuals who are troubled and hampered by their sunglass frames touching their temple and cheeks. The reduced frame curvature ensures a more comfortable sunglass design frame and adjusts according to his/her face shape.

Instead of offering different designs for individuals who find the regular fit uncomfortable, Oakley offers an Asian fit style. The sunglasses are available in almost all its popular frames, for the comfortable and easy use of their product, ensuring easy use and maximum comfort.


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