Sunglasses Trends

Wear Sunglasses At All Times

When buying sunglasses you don’t really think about the benefits it will bring you. You are actually thinking about how the look, if they are cool or cute. Well much like people stress on protecting your skin when you go out in the sun, the eyes are just as important.

The eyes are very delicate and you should give them the protection they need. UV rays come from the reflection of the sand, snow, and pavement; let’s just say any surface where light can reflect off.  If the eyes are overexposed to the sunlight it can lead to cataracts (clouding developed in the crystalline lens of the eye) which affect 22.3 million Americans.

Even though UV rays cannot be seen they are always present even when the sun is not shinning. Sunglasses are the main key to protecting your eyes, just like the sun will burn the front surface of you’re the skin, it may burn the front surface of your eyes.

There is a way to help avoid this; when buying sunglasses inexpensive or expensive make sure that the lenses block 99% of UV rays. If you wear glasses ask your optician how you can get sunglasses with prescription, these vary in price so don’t think they are extremely expensive.

Remember when going out in the sun the skin isn’t the only thing we want to protect.


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