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What Sunglasses Does Juan Pablo Montoya Wear?

What Sunglasses Does Juan Pablo Montoya Wear?

Oakley Gascan is favorite sunglass of Juan Pablo Montoya’s. Its unique style and contour less design make it one of the top performance oriented sunglasses in the market. The glasses are shatterproof and are made of polycarbonate lenses that meets military standards. He ensures that each of his sunglasses have passed the high velocity and high mass impact standards to maintain optimum durability and security during racing. Dangers due to high temperature spikes during his race force him to choose only metal alloy-based compounds that have a high heat density. The three point fit design maintains the optical alignment even during rough conditions. The unique O-matter frame is one of the sturdiest and impacts resistant frames available in the market. The polarized lenses are specially designed to block glare causing rays from pavements and other shining surfaces.


The liquid infusion technology used by Oakley infuses the polarizing filter at a molecular level. This process eliminated the haze and internal reflection found in usual lenses. The glasses also have special editions that are manufactured specially for the US military. The production for the military started from 1980 and the aim was to improve clarity and improve eyesight in low light conditions. The lenses are therefore very well suited for night time warfare and other such environmental conditions. The glasses have also passed ballistic tests and their high mass resistance potential surpasses even the standards set by organizations.

The light weight O-Matter is extremely durable and its hydrophobic properties make it ideal for all types of weathers. The interchangeable lens technology called Switch Lock allows you to change the lenses in a matter of seconds. The warp face geometry is ideal for people with medium to large faces. Therefore the sunglass fits easily to any facial shape and provides excellent vision clarity.

Today Jaen Pablo has formed a new fashion statement with his trendy eye wear. His casual wear inspires racers of all generations. He is one of the most adored racing celebrities in all over the world. Thus, each of his changing eye wear sets a trend among its followers. Some companies have also tried to replicate his signature sunglasses to cater to the rising demand among his followers. But due to the lack of evolutionary technology like Oakley’s they have failed miserably to gain a market share. Oakley along with its innovative technology has dominated the market with designer sunglasses that can be used for professional sports and also to set trending styles.


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