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What Sunglasses Fit My Male Face

Sunglasses are considered as an indispensable accessory for most sartorial men. If you look at rock stars or celebrities, they are most of the times seen with sunglasses. This is because sunglasses add an element of flair in their appearance. So, don’t you want to pick one for yourself? Well, it is quite important to choose the right style and design of shades as wearing the wrong type of sunglasses may make you feel a bit odd or still worse, like a blind person. And sunglasses with the right frame can get you admiring glimpses. So, it is time to know what type of sunglasses go well with the shape of your face.

Square Face: If you have a face with a strong jaw line and wide cheekbones, then a more rounded frame or rectangular pattern with gentle rounded edges is a good match. Be sure the shades do not hide your facial characteristics.

Round Face: The best shapes for a round face would be the one that adds more meaning and length to your face. Thus a larger frame without round edges is what would perfectly accommodate you and add a good punch.

Oblong Face: To be able to get your face look balanced, sunglasses that fit inside the boundaries of your face and something like those worn by aviators would be the perfect option. The tear drop silhouette is definitely going to add zing to your cheeks and jaw bones, making them stand out in a clear fashion.

Diamond Face: A diamond shaped face means a more clearly defined chin and broad cheekbones. Rectangular than circular shaped sunglasses is what will fit well on such a fount. Ensure the focus is on your eyes then the chin by having sunglasses that shine through.

Oval Face: You are lucky to have this face shape and hence, you must not hesitate to experiment with different styles of sunglasses to find the best option for you. Try to avoid too large frames that simply add to your face an extra width and make it more elongated.

Though the above tips should help you select the right sunglass frame, it is by no means the authoritative answer to enhancing your looks and making you stand out among a crowd.

Make sure you are comfortable wearing the sunglasses and it should fit like a glove around your face. Classic frames have always worked for most of us but be sure not to worry about the price. If something makes you look like a star, the monetary value is be sometimes ignored.

Analyze the different shades with the frame and under different lighting conditions. Lastly, ask for an honest opinion from a close friend rather than being floored by the sales person.

Remember, once you buy a sunglass you should wear it with pride.

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