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Steve McQueen Persol Sunglasses – A Guide on The Perfect Pair of Shades

steve mcqueen persol sunglasses 714

Anytime we talk about sunglasses, we have to bring up the late great icon, Steve McQueen. I’ve been in the sunglasses game a very long time, and I can tell you, after seeing thousands of pairs of sunglasses made by all different brands, there is one that is still my favorite when it comes to style and craftsmanship and that is the Steve McQueen PERSOL sunglasses. We did a nice in-depth review of the Persol 714 sunglasses, but now we want to take a further look at one of the most beautiful crafted and stylish shades in the game.

His identity, the insubordinate soul, the characteristic appeal, his living as far as possible, his energy for speed are on the whole viewpoints that have made Steve McQueen™ a legend. It was 1968 when his non-customary, easygoing and exquisite character touched base on set of the film The Thomas Crown Affair. What’s more, he was wearing a couple of Persol 714 shades.

This is the place history and legend interweave.

The American performer had been a Persol fan for quite a while, and had a tremendous individual accumulation. In 2006, a couple from his gathering was sold at a closeout for about USD 70,000.

Persol 649 and 714

The Persol 714 model is a “foldable” adaptation of the great 649 shape. This implies you can overlap the shades up to a territory the span of a focal point to make them simpler to convey so they can sit in your best pocket or in the gave little dark cowhide pocket.

Aside from this, the two shades models include a similar shape, the same notable silver bolts on the left and right, and a similar two steel pins of the Meflacto framework to make the arms more adaptable. Be that as it may, where the 649 arms are produced using one bit of acetic acid derivation, the 714 model has a metal pivot most of the way along so you can vertically crease the arms in on themselves, and there’s likewise a pivot between the focal points to overlay them fifty-fifty.

The Steve Mcqueen Persol 0649:

Originally designed in 1957 for Turin tram-drivers, 649 soon rose from its functional beginnings. Then became a legend when Marcello Mastroianni wore it in the classic Divorce, Italian Style. Combining the best of design and technology, its unique shape has become the unmistakable brand icon over time.

cqueen sunglasses 0649 persol 2

The Steve Mcqueen Persol 714:

Introduced in the 1960s as a folding version of the 649 model, the 714 were the first-ever folding glasses. This model requires ten additional manufacturing steps compared to the standard ones. 714 glasses owe their fame to Steve McQueen™, who wore them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair.

steve mcqueen persol 714 sunglasses

steve mcqueen persol sunglasses 714 front view

Steve Mcqueen in Action

steve mcqueen special limited edition persol

Steve Mcqueen Special Edition Sunglasses

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