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RetroSuperFuture People Sunglasses: Calling Fashionable People

Have you checked out a pair of RetroSuperFuture PEOPLE sunglasses yet? You have to. You most definitely have to. While this may seem like the regular sunglass frame, RetroSuperFuture are hand made Italian sunglasses that once you feel them and put them on, you know why purchasing quality is important.

retrosuperfuture people

A great style of sunglasses and looks good for any occasion with any outfit. As described by RetroSuperFuture, “…Creating a classical unisex piece of eyewear which can be worn satisfying every need and occasion is a sunglass company’s biggest challenge. The People model is a slightly smaller-framed and thin yet meticulously designed piece which combines smooth curves with sharp and sudden angles and almost circular lenses with long geometrically squared-shaped arms.
The People is able to satisfy a large variety of different styles (thus the name), simultaneously be a chic and tasteful gentlemen piece when in havana glitter; or be a unique retro look when in our jungle Summer Safari version; or a simply and sensually feminine when in our light savannah acetate and lens.”

We currently have two colors available:

Retro Super Future People Sunglasses Caramel

Retro Super Future People Sunglasses Havana

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