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Retro Embellished Aviators Sunglasses: Get The Decorative Bar

Aviators are the go to sunglasses, they go well with absolutely everything and they are one of those styles that look good both on men and women. We’ve seen numerous celebrities wearing them for quite some time.

So do you think they are overplayed, and find them a little too simple for your style? Well, brands like Ray Ban and Tory Burch are re-vamping the aviator style. Even though the changes are subtle, it gives the shades a modern twist to this classic design. The alterations range from a decorative bar to a jeweled accent.

embellished aviators sunglasses

Image Source: PEOPLE STYLEWATCH / Credit: Pacific Coast News; Flynet; Isaac V./Broadimage

Celebrities like Mylie Cyrus, Fergie and Hillary Duff have been seen rockin’ this new look all over the Place.

Mylie Cyrus goes for a fun look with a Ray Ban Aviator; this style has thick black rimming around the lens and black bar on top of the bridge. What make these sunglasses pop are the gold accents on the temples (legs) and on the bridge. This also helps the model not look as heavy on the face. To shop this style (RB3428 001/M4)

Hillary Duff goes for a more traditional looking embellished aviator. Duff is wearing a gold aviator with a pinkish/beige embellishment on top of the bridge. Giving these traditional sunglasses a fun yet delicate characteristic. To shop this style (RB 3029 L2112)

Fergie on the other hand opted for a different style in aviator. These sunglasses have a rounder lens making them more form fitting. The bar (on top of the bridge) has leather wrapped around it giving it an edgier rock and roll feel to the glasses.

There’s a style for everyone with these embellished sunglasses, from feminine to rock and roll. So whatever your personality or style, you’ll find that suits you.

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