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Which pair of Sunglasses Does DJ Snake Wear?

DJ Snake is one of those celebrities who became highly popular among the public within a very short span of time. Within a few years after his international debut, the French rapper and DJ not only produced a number of smash hits and A-list collaborations, but also grabbed two Grammy Award nominations.

Apart from his hit songs, there are at least two more things people have always talked about; his real name and his sunglasses. While it is not really difficult to find out his real name (in case you don’t know, its William Sami Etienne Grigahcine; too long to remember, right?), the other thing made people very curious.

There have been many speculations about why DJ Snake wears sunglasses all the time?

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Whether he is talking to the press, performing on stage, giving an interview or doing something off duty, DJ snake is always wearing sunglasses.


His fans were quick to jump to conclusions; some thought it was to look cool while many believed it was to hide his crossed-eyes. However, the French star ended all rumors by revealing the actual reason for wearing sunglasses all the time.

During an interview given to The National, last year, the DJ disclosed that he neither has any eye issue nor does he try to look cool by wearing sunglasses, the reason is completely different (and unexpected); it is to control his panic and keep himself calm.

He said “It was because when I became big, I suddenly found myself playing on stage with 200,000 people and that is scary. I remember my manager told me to put on a pair of sunglasses to mitigate the panic. So, I tried it and it worked.”

Now, we know that stage fright is REAL!

DJ Snake’s Style of Sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, DJ Snake clearly has his all time favorite style:

Square Shaped Sunglasses

Square shaped sunglasses seem to be his favorite; the French rapper is rarely seen in any other style of sunglasses.

The old-school sunglasses with a thick frame and black lenses is what DJ Snake’s foremost choice and we have to say that they never fail to make a fashion statement.

For all the trendy guys out there, a pair of classic square shaped sunglasses is a must have.

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Rectangular Frames

While we know that DJ Snake has a clear favorite when it comes to style of sunglasses, a few times he has been spotted wearing rectangular frames as well.

It looks like when he wants to take a break from his usual look, he opts for rectangular shaped lenses.

DJ Snake always keep his style cool and classy with old-school, classic sunglasses.

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