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Reflecting on How Amazing Mirrored Sunglasses Are

Sunglasses with mirrored lenses are a big trend this summer.


If you’ve never worn mirrored sunglasses before, pulling off the look requires some finesse, but you have that covered, right? Mirrored sunglasses generally go best with casual looks, though there are a few styles (like the DKNY DY4076 discussed below) that can work with dressier and work looks.

You’ll want to keep the accessories to a minimum when you’re wearing your mirrored shades, because your sunglasses will attract all the attention anyway, and too much shiny stuff can be blinding. This guy does it right, with a simple stud earring. More would be too much.


Here are 5 mirrored styles to try this summer.

1. Ray Ban Aviator 3025


Most people think of aviator sunglasses when they think of mirrored sunglasses because this was the most popular style in the last heyday of mirrored lenses back in the late 70s and early 80s. This particular pair comes with matte black frames and brown lenses with silver mirror gradient. They’re classics and look good on many different facial shapes.

2. Neff Thunder White Wild


If you spend a lot of time on the water or at the beach, these are the shades for you. They come with polarized lenses for extra eye comfort, and the stark white frames will make you stand out in the crowd.

3. DKNY DY4076


This is a terrific example of sunglasses in the “big Hollywood shades” tradition. They’re classic enough to wear with work clothes or to dressier occasions. The brown frame goes with just about anything, and the beige mirror silver gradient lenses look classy and fashion-forward.

4. Ray Ban RB3477


Your inner bohemian will love these classic round metal frames in a matte gunmetal finish. The polarized lenses are gray and mirrored in silver. If you want an all-around, versatile pair of sunglasses that you can wear year after year, but you want something other than a classic aviator or wayfarer, these are the shades for you.

5. Vestal De Luna


Few sunglasses are as up-to-the-minute fashion-wise as this pair by Vestal De Luna. The frames are done in matte black, and the lenses are gold mirror finished. If you want everyone to think, “Those are the coolest sunglasses ever,” then you owe it to yourself to wear these.

Mirrored lenses are back in a big way for summer 2013. If you’ve never worn this style, give it a try. Mirrored shades instantly increase your style quotient and put you in the trendsetter category.

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