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Ray-Ban Prescription Wayfarer Glasses: Styles and Sizes

Ray-Ban Wayfarers are one of the hottest selling styles of sunglasses right now. While many are shopping for Ray-Ban Wayfarers (sunglasses,) we get asked about the different styles and types of Ray-Ban prescription Wayfarers frames.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Glasses RX5121 – BUY HERE.

I personally rock the RB5121 which is the same as the Ray-Ban Wayfarers RB2140, but prescription frames and from acetate and not plastic! (Big Difference…oh yeah.)
The RB/RX5121 comes in two different colors and sizes. They come in a shiny black and light Havana. The sizes they currently come in are 50mm and 47mm.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Glasses RX5184 – BUY HERE.

The RX5184 is the newer Wayfarer style frame. They are more circular shape than the classic square-ish RX5121. Also made from ACETATE, these are good quality strong frames made in Italy.

They currently only come in two different colors and two different lens sizes.

Colors: Black & Dark Havana. Sizes: 50mm and 52mm

Ray-Ban Glasses RX5227 – Buy HERE.

While this Ray-Ban frame may not currently be classified as an official Wayfarer, it’s frame shape is very similar and one of the better and nicer frames they have come out with. Also, from ACETATE material, it’s a good quality strong frame. Currently offered in Striped Havana, Black Gradient and Blue Gradient, these colors are all really awesome.

Currently, they are only available in a lens size 52mm.

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