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Does Ray-Ban Make Black Lenses for Sunglasses?

Q: I want black lenses on my sunglasses (I don’t want people seeing my eyes.) Does Ray-Ban make black lenses?

ray-ban 2140 replacement lenses for sunglassesA: As one of the largest internet retailers of Ray-Ban sunglasses, a question we constantly get asked all the time is regarding black lenses.  Consumers always tell us they saw their friend or family member with a pair that has black lenses, etc. The fact is and the answer is NO. Ray-Ban does not make black lenses. What you see when you see others sunglass lenses on Ray-Bans that appear black is either a green or grey lens. The reason they look black is because the light makes these lenses look black. Many green colored lenses as well as grey may look black in certain light.

Customers sometimes hesitate to make the purchase because they think they want black lenses on their sunglasses but then after doing some research they understand it’s just about the light that hits the lens.

Take for example the lenses shown on the left. These are actually G15 (green,) polarized lenses by Ray-Ban. To many, they may look black, specially in certain light.

We’d love to talk to you about the color options available for Ray-Bans and what will best suit your needs. If you have questions, please live chat us as you go into or you can talk to one of our awesome team members at 877-457-5314.

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