Prescription Sunglasses vs. Contacts

Here are the differences and similarities between prescription sunglasses and contact lenses:



The contact lenses are worn directly in the eye and helps in improving the vision. On the other hand, there is a distance between the eye and the lens in sunglasses which can cause distortion.


You have a poor peripheral vision when wearing glasses, but with contact lenses, you can see clearly and the entire view is in focus, which is important during sports and when driving, where having flawless eyesight is important.


The frame of the sunglasses can get foggy, and one can easily see the reflections at the back of the lens. With contacts, there is no problem of reflections and obstructions.


The weight of sunglasses on the face can be disturbing for some people. Other than this, sunglasses may need adjustment and tightening after a while. There is no issue of weight when it comes to contacts, as there are no frames that slip down the nose.


Sunglasses tend to fog up easily with changes in temperature, whereas, this isn’t an issue with contact lenses.


Glasses tend to be distracting during sports. Contact lenses have no distractions and are preferred by athletes.

Color Coordination

Your glasses should match the clothes that you are wearing. Contact lenses go with everything.


Contact lenses are generally way more expensive than prescription sunglasses.


There are several different kinds of sunglasses frame styles available that look extremely classy. When it comes to sunglasses lens material, one may choose from glass, polycarbonate, regular (CR-39) plastic and trivex. The lenses can have photochromatic tint hat can darken the surroundings, something which a contact lens can’t do.

Expiration Date

Contacts are usually only valid for a year. After they expire, you will have to visit the eye doctor to get a thorough checkup of your eye before you can buy another pair. Prescription sunglasses last for much longer and usually expires after two or three years.


Sunglasses are fairly simple to use, but contact lenses can be a bit tricky. One must clean them regularly; otherwise, it can cause redness and eye infections. Furthermore, one must never wear it while going to sleep, since that can result in a number of problems. Also, one can’t wear contacts when going for swimming or to the beach as that can cause irritation.


Careful Handling and Cleaning

You will have to clean your sunglasses several times a day by spraying and wiping them for better clarity and for hygiene purposes. Contact lenses need varying degrees of care and one should always ask their ophthalmologist regarding its care.

Both Can Correct Astigmatism

Astigmatism is an irregular shape of the cornea that can distort the vision. Sunglasses and contacts can help in correcting this problem. Some ophthalmologists prefer contacts because it corrects astigmatism by holding the shape that causes visual correction.



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