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How To Pop Sunglasses Lenses Out

how to pop out sunglass lensesThe regular use of any accessory is sure to cause it to wear out and even get damaged with the passage of time. While most accessories are just a fashion statement, some fulfill a helpful purpose. Sunglasses are one of those rare accessories which complete a style statement while also fulfilling a beneficial purpose.

Sunglasses are used regularly and sometimes carelessly by individuals which causes damage to the eyewear. Though the frame might get spoilt, but it is usually the lenses which get damaged through scratches which affects the protective coating of the sunglasses as well. The most easy and effective way to deal with such a problem is to change the lenses of the sunglasses rather than purchase a new pair, when one has a perfect one available in great condition.

Some individuals also wish to replace their original sunglass lenses for a tinted pair, which answers their tastes and style preferences. So, instead of opting for a new pair of eyewear, it is sensible to purchase the desired pair of lenses and replace them in the original pair of sunglasses. Need new lenses for your sunglasses? Check out our sunglasses lens replacement program.

Many brands and companies offer sunglass lenses for replacing the damaged lenses of an eyewear pair. The lenses are available in a wide variety in the market and can be easily replaced with the old damaged pair. The only factor to take into consideration is to ensure that the original lenses are easily removed from the sunglass pair, without posing any damage to the eyewear itself. Care and caution is to be exercised while removing the lenses to ensure that the frame does not crack during the process.

How To Pop Sunglasses Lenses Out



The procedure of removing the lenses from a pair of sunglasses is easy and only requires a very short time.

Soak In Lukewarm Water

In order to ensure an easy removal of the lenses from the sunglasses, it is important to soak them in lukewarm water for around two minutes. Care should be taken to ensure that the water is not too hot, as it can damage the material of the sunglass frame.

Soaking the sunglasses in the lukewarm water results in the expansion of the plastic material of the frame. This expansion makes it easier to remove the lenses from the frame without causing any damages to the structural frame of the eyewear.

Put Pressure On Lens Edges

After soaking the frame for around two minutes, the frames are held within the hands and suitable pressure is exerted on the edges of the lenses, to loosen them from the frame. A cracking noise would indicate that the lenses have been loosened from the frame.

Exerting initial pressure on the edges of the lenses is advisable rather than trying to remove the entire lens at once.

Exert Pressure To Remove Lenses

After loosening the lenses from the frame, pressure is exerted on the lenses to remove them completely from the sunglass frame.

Examine Frame For Damages

After the removal of the original lenses, it is ideal to check the sunglass frame for any cracks or other forms of damage which might have been caused to the casing during the process.

Whether it is the need to replace damaged or scratched lenses with an un-spoilt pair, or just replace the original for a tinted and stylish pair, the process of removing lenses from a sunglass frame requires patience and care.

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