How Do Multifocal Contact Lenses Work?

multifocal contact lensesContact lenses serve as a wonderful opportunity for all individuals who have to wear glasses in order to enjoy a crisp and clear image of their surroundings, but do not want to engage in the hassle of carrying their glasses with them all the time.

With the changing dynamics of science and technology, the field of health care, particularly optical health care, has experienced considerable improvements, which have served to make quality of life more comfortable and easy. Multifocal contact lenses are a great step towards ensuring a safe, simple and comfortable life for people who need multiple prescriptions in their contact lenses.

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Multifocal contact lenses have been expressly designed for individuals who suffer from presbyopia. Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens of an individual loses its elasticity, due to old age. The individual suffering from this medical condition, has difficulty in focusing on near objects, and often requires reading glasses to take care of their vision problem.

Individuals who suffer from presbyopia require contact lenses which can support multiple prescriptions in one pair, to offer the user easy convenience and unhampered eyesight. These lenses are available in a variety, each type especially designed to ensure comfortable and safe use, which promises ease in ensuring better visibility.

How Multifocal Lenses Work

Multifocal lenses are designed to ensure that the longsighted and shortsighted prescriptions of an individual are crafted into one lens pair, making it easy for the user to enjoy unobstructed eyesight throughout the day.

Multifocal lenses have multiple and compound levels of corrective power which enable an individual suffering from presbyopia to view near and distant objects clearly without any problems or need for the eye to focus separately.

These lenses are available in a variety of different types, in which some ensure a blend of the long and short sight prescriptions, to ensure quality unrestricted vision for a user. In others, the transition from one prescription to another is not that smooth, and the individual can feel the change in the focus.

Some multifocal lenses are designed to enable the user to view distant objects from the upper portion of the lens and the near objects from the bottom of the lens. Whereas some lenses are designed to have blended focus of both the prescriptions, in the lens centre and enable individuals to enjoy clear vision. The multiple prescription corrective powers of the lenses assist individuals to enjoy easy vision without any need to switch glasses every time they need to view near or distant objects. Multifocal lenses are available in a soft and hard category, with some which are gas permeable. Some lenses have a soft outer layer and a hard inner layer to ensure crisp and better visibility.

Multifocal contact lenses ascertain the better focus and visual acuity, for a wide range of near and distant vision focus. They ensure great convenience to presbyopia sufferers, by reducing the hassle of switching glasses to view near and far objects, and ascertaining a smooth transition from one prescription to the other for the lens user.

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