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Oakley Sports Sunglasses

One of the top eyewear brands in the world, Oakley is one of the top-selling brands of all time, and with items as iconic as the Oakley sports sunglasses, it’s easy to see why. Offering all sorts of innovative solutions for glare, UV protection, and much more, the brand all but owns the hearts and minds of sports-oriented eyewear lovers. At ShadesDaddy, we carry a wide range of Oakley shades, but we’ll be highlighting two specific types for the following sports: football and baseball. Another key to the success of the brand is its marketing around being true to yourself. Being you is what it’s all about, and Oakley makes the perfect pair for all sides of you.

One is America’s pastime and the other is the highest-rated sport in the country, but both share one key element in common; the need for great eyewear when training or getting ready for big games.

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: NFL Spotlight

As football season gets back underway, so do high-performance training methods and strategies, the same kind of strategies and training methods that are made much simpler and safer with a pair of Oakley sunglasses. You might see them on Patrick Mahomes during minicamp or Lamar Jackson when he’s warming his arm back up, but where you won’t see them is at the end of anyone’s list of important sports equipment items. If you’ve played football, especially from the quarterback’s perspective, you know how important contrast, clarity, and anti-glare technology can be. The same truths apply to the best athletes on the planet.

With this being the hottest season of the year, and the beginning of fall still nowhere in sight, UV protection and crystal clear visuals are more important than ever. This is where Oakley’s advancements in lenses and comfort really shine. Featuring Oakley’s Iridium lens technology and Unobtanium rubber material, many of the sunglasses in the Oakley sports line are simply second to none when it comes to clarity and comfort.

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ShadesDaddy Price: $284 $184

SUTRO – 940601

ShadesDaddy Price: $173

Oakley Sports Sunglasses: MLB Spotlight

Oakley Sports Sunglasses

With the MLB playoffs just around the corner, we’ve already had a good shot at checking out what the league’s hottest stars had to offer. Whether you saw the New York Mets claw their way back from a six-point deficit or you saw watched Ryan Helsley reach 103 mph twice during the all-star game, you’ve definitely had many chances to see legendary performances.

Why not have the next legendary performance be by you, in your Oakley sports sunglasses?

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Oakley Sports Sunglasses

FLAK 2.0 XL – 9188H1

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Oakley Sports Sunglasses

ENCODER – 947102

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Oakley Sports Sunglasses


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