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It’s Hip To Be Square: Sunglasses Mania

Whether it’s picking out a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, Oliver Peoples, Guccis, or any other brand that makes square sunglasses, one thing is for sure…they are IN. Celebrities and models alike are making the square look almost as popular as it has ever been when it comes to sunglasses.brad pitt sunglasses

Since the 50s, the classic square look has been almost a ‘geeky’ type of look and style. Nevertheless, for about the past 5 years or less, it has been embraced as THE style which many are considering ultra-chic / ultra-cool…come on…you know what I’m talking about. How many of your friends own a pair of squared shape sunglasses right now? That’s what I thought.

All the celebrities from Justin Timberlake, to Justin Beiber, to Natalie Portman all rock the square look. Of course, celebrities are always wearing different shades to match what their wearing, but the trend is square sunglasses.

How long will the squared sunglasses trend stay?

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