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How to Tell If Your Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses are Real (Video)

Ray-Ban Clubmasters are back with a vengeance. With its classic and elegant / chic style, these frames are rockin’ on our top sellers list and we LOVE them. We tend to get many questions on our YouTube channel, live chat, etc about the authenticity of Ray-Ban Clubmasters and how to tell if they are real. You can definitely avoid ALL doubts by shopping for Clubmasters from However, we do want this to be a resource even if you bought them elsewhere and looking for an answer.

So, we’ll show you as much detail as possible on a Ray-Ban Clubmaster, for the purpose of this post, we’ll be showing you a Ray-Ban RB3016 which is the classic, iconic Clubmaster.

So – some things to look for: (sides are told from the angle of the frames looking directly at you.)

1. On both temples, (arms,) you’ll find written silk printed text on each of the sides. The right side should give you the name and style # of the Clubmaster. Usually displayed as:

RB 3016 CLUBMASTER W0366 (code depends on color, etc.) 51 square 21 3M

On the left temple (arm,) you’ll find the Ray-Ban logo and it will either say made in China or Italy. Yes, Ray-Ban Clubmasters are made in China.

2. Inside each nose pad, you’ll find the inscription of RB.

3. On the right lens inside the middle of the lens, you’ll find the inscription RB and its not that visible but go ahead and take a look.

4. On the inside part of the bridge, you’ll find two numbers separated by a square. In this case, 51 square 21. (Bridge being the part that separates both lenses from your nose.

5. Upper left lens should have silk print Ray-Ban logo.

6. Quality of frame should feel strong and durable acetate plastic.

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