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How to Replace Screw-in Nose Pads

People don’t seem to realize the importance of nose pads on your glasses until they’re gone. It is also very uncomfortable to wear glasses with a missing or worn-out nose pad.

Without a nose pad, metal frames scratch your skin and make your glasses fit unsteady. In fact, nose pads are the most common eyewear parts that need to be repaired or replaced. Eyewear, in general, is very costly, so it doesn’t make sense to buy a whole new pair when you are only in need of a tiny repair.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to replace screw-in nose pads.

How To Replace Screw-in Nose Pads
This is the most common type of nose pad. In order to replace them, all you need is your replacement nose pad, screws, and a screwdriver.

Note: It’s best to have your original screws, but if you lose them, you can purchase an repair kit from our site.

  1. Place the nose pad on its mount and align it with the screw hole.


  2. Use a magnet to put the screw into the screw hole.


  3. Remove the magnet by moving your hand horizontally.


  4. Tighten Screws

    To finish, make sure to hold the glasses tightly to make sure the screw head faces upwards as you tighten the screw with your screwdriver.

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