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How Important are Polarized Sunglasses?

how to tell if your ray bans are polarizedPolarized sunglasses might not be new to you. You may have heard about them before, but maybe you aren’t aware of their importance and the benefits that they offer. So, let us highlight the important aspects of these polarized sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses and Their Benefits

What makes the polarized sunglasses so splendid? The special chemical film covering them lessens glare from the sun. They neutralize glare produced due to reflection of light from water or a solid surface. Moreover, they also moderate the UV rays, and the harmful effects carried by them.

How Polarized Lenses Work

Glares carry several hazards. Temporarily, they can blind you, distort your color sensitivity, and hamper your depth perception. Glare formation takes place at the back of your eye, when light hits a flat surface, it is magnified and then it reaches the eye.

Polarized lenses impede glare. They absorb the horizontal waves and allow the vertical waves to pass through only. The chemical filter on the lenses makes that happen.

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Forms of Polarized Lenses

1.1 Mm Polarized Lenses

These polarized sunglasses are high impact resistant, and are made up of thick film sheets. They are expensive to buy.

.75 Mm Polarized Lenses

Thin film sheets make up these polarized lenses. They are lighter and are suitable for most casual sports like golf and running.

What Disadvantages Do Tinted Glasses Carry?

You may find tinted lenses attractive, but do not be fooled. Unlike polarized glasses, they do not exterminate harsh glare and are not suitable to resist the harmful sunrays, however, they are great for moderating brightness levels.

Not all tinted glasses are great though. The darker shades do not offer you high UV protection. Hence, be very careful about the UV rays carried by each pair of sunglasses. It is better to go out in the sun with no sunglasses, rather than wearing the ones that do not offer you any level of UV protection. They are harmful, because they make the pupil dilated, allowing more passage of the UV rays into the inner eye region. This in turn causes visual discomfort.

Use of Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses work best for people working on or around water. They are also good to use in conditions where the light may alter from time to time. Polarized glasses are commonly used by anglers and boaters, and lately, they have gained popularity among joggers, athletes, cyclists, hikers, and others.

Details about tinted glasses and polarized lenses provide an insight to the significance of the polarized glasses and their lenses. Hence, if ever you plan to buy a set of sunglasses, go for polarized sunglasses.

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