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Hottest Styles and Trends for 2012

We all want to be fashionable and have the latest, so what are 12 hot trends for 2012?

Sweet Pleats

Pleats are extremely soft, sweet, feminine and most importantly, flattering. This trend can be seen on
dresses and skirts since late 2011, it works well in both short and maxi skirts.

Red Dresses

We all own a little black dress; it is the one item that gets us out of any situation. Well it’s time to spice
things up with a little red dress; it’s the go to color this season, you’ll be sure to get noticed when
walking in to any room.

Glam Sweatshirts

We all associate sweatshirts with a lazy Sunday and staying in, it’s time to take the trend outdoors and
still look great when rockin’ it. Get sweatshirts with cool graphics, detailing and embellishments pair
them with shorts or form fitting pants, this will make the “sloppy” look, appear casually chic.

Maxi Skirts Looking Sharp

A new way to make maxi skirts look sharp is to pair them up with button down shirts, making a casual
skirt look clean and elegant.

Nautical Stripes

Who doesn’t love these?! These are coming in all color and sizes, so if you’re afraid of those big stripes
go for stripes which are thin. You will be seeing these stripes everywhere, including blazers and casual

Lemon Yellow

This hue is hot this season, from dresses to pants you cannot go wrong with it.

Asymmetrical Dresses

One shoulder dresses are super in; the structured look always looks elegant.

Green Leather

Leather, whether tan or black is regularly seen on runways, but the new hot item is green leather. Don’t
be afraid to stand out! I’m not talking about lime green, I’m talking about forest green leathers, soon
enough everyone will be after this hue, be trendsetter!

Mullet Skirts

Don’t be afraid by the name, these skirts are summers sexy new skirt, Can’t figure out what skirt length
you want? The mullet dress is the answer you get two in one, you can find these skirts simple and sweet
or full and flared, pair them with a pair of heels to complete the look.

Animal Print Leggings

Take a walk on the wild side and be daring, toss those regular black legging you have and next time try
one’s which will bring out your inner Jane with a jungle theme. By changing this simple item in a basic
outfit, the look will look anything but ordinary.

See Through Skirts

This is a simple way to show off your legs discretely, have fun with this. You will be playing with the
hemline; a short dress with long sheer “skirt” over it, the look is young and playful.

Bright Tights

This is the easiest way to brighten up a look; you have so many options for this. Make your outfit stand
out in a good way, pick a pair with a bright color and keep all other colors simple, you don’t want to look
like a walking rainbow.

List compiled based on article by StyleWatch / People.com


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