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Don’t Get Caught Making These Fashion No-No’s This Spring / Summer (2013)

Hooray for the arrival of warm weather! When the days are longer and the thermometer climbs higher, it’s time to adjust your beauty routines for differences in the weather and your wardrobe. Here are 10 fashion mistakes to avoid this spring and summer.

Mistake 1. Not Protecting Your Hair from the Elements

Isn’t it great not to have to wear a wooly hat? While your hair will enjoy its freedom (and you’ll enjoy the end of “hat hair”), you should use shampoo and conditioners with built-in sunscreen, particularly if you color your hair, to keep it shiny and beautiful.


Mistake 2. Piling on Heavy Makeup

Heavy makeup melts when the weather is warm. Lighten up for spring, and only use what you really need to look polished, like this lovely lass. Otherwise, by the end of a long day, your makeup could look blotchy and uneven


Mistake 3. Forgetting to Apply Sunscreen

Even people blessed with dark skin need sunscreen to prevent premature aging, but those with fair skin should be even more diligent. Sunscreen isn’t just for days at the beach, but any day you go outside.


Mistake 4. Thinking You Don’t Need Moisturizer

Warm weather isn’t as harsh to the skin as dry, cold weather, but most people still need moisturizer during the spring and summer. Switch to a lighter formulation if your winter moisturizer feels too heavy or greasy


Mistake 5. Neglecting Your Feet

When you wear boots and heavy shoes for months, it’s easy to forget to care for feet. Now that it’s sandal season, use a pumice on calloused heels, keep nails trimmed, and look for bright nail polish shades to go with your summer wardrobe.


Mistake 6. Staying With Wintry Nail Polish Shades

Your winter manicures may have included rich, deep nail polish shades, but those will look too heavy with spring and summer clothes. Lighter, brighter colors like this cool mint green, or letting nails go natural work better when the weather is warm.


Mistake 7. Letting Your Legs Go Too Long Without Shaving

With shorts and shorter skirts in the wardrobe mix, keeping legs smooth needs to be a priority. Don’t forget to moisturize legs after shaving to keep them soft.


Mistake 8. Sticking With Winter Hair Accessories

No doubt you’re ready to ditch winter hats, but your winter hair accessories, like velvet headbands and darker barrettes and clips should be put into storage for the time being too. Break out the bright, light scarves and summery clips and headbands.


Mistake 9. Not Updating Your Skin Cleansing Routine

With warmer weather, your face will perspire more, so you’ll need to adjust your cleansing routine to cope. The rich cleansers you used during the winter may not be effective at combating increased perspiration and oil production during summer.


Mistake 10. Leaving Home Without Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory. They protect your eyes against UV rays, complete any outfit perfectly, and can hide the effects of a late night when you’re walking or driving to work the next morning. These classic shades by DKNY flatter many face shapes, and in addition to this rich amber-red frame, you can also choose a black frame with gray gradient lenses, or Havana frame with brown gradient lenses. And at these great prices, you can add more than one to your summer wardrobe.


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