The Different Types of Costa Del Mar Lenses

Known as one of the most trusted sunglasses brand, Costa Del Mar designs a variety of different types of lenses. Let’s take a closer look at these lenses and compare them accordingly.


Costa Del Mar lenses are available in glass lenses. However these glass lenses are nothing like ordinary glass lenses; these are made out of a material known as LightWAVE glass which is thinner, lighter and clearer than other glass lenses. It is also impact resistant to ensure your eyes stay protected.


CR-39 is a range of plastic lenses for sunglasses from Costa Del Mar. These are lightweight, durable, scratch-proof, and provide amazingly clear vision.


Polycarbonate is the strongest coated plastic lens that is used for sunglasses with interchangeable lenses.

Series 400 Lenses – (Shop Costa 400)


These are the most popular lenses from Costa Del Mar, demanded worldwide from people of all cultures and preferences due to its many features such as being lighter, stronger, impact proof, as well as polarized.

These lenses are not only high performance but easy on the pocket as well, making them affordable for people of all ages and incomes. These lenses are polarized to eliminate glare and reflections from the damaging rays of sunlight which can not only cause momentary blindness but can also cause skin cancer around the eyes over long term exposure.

These lenses are ideal for people who spend a lot of time out cruising on the water because of the clarity it provides to its users maximizing visibility in the ocean.

The 400 series lenses come in three different types. They can be found in glass, CR-39 plastic and polycarbonate. These varieties are available for people who prefer the different lenses depending on their use and requirement, allowing them to enjoy the 400 LightWAVE technology, in the lens material of their choice.

Series 580 Lenses – (Shop Costa 580)


The next in line, after the series 400 lenses, are the Series 580 lenses. These are made out of advanced technology for higher performance.

Out in the sunlight, every object is showered in yellow light, which makes visibility difficult causing eye strain, but not with the Series 580 Sunglasses. These lenses have an advanced LightWAVE technology which is why they are known as the Ultimate Lens, for on water and off shore work. They raise the red, blue and green colors in yellow light to neutralize the vision making it absolutely easy to see under all possible weather conditions.

Lens Tints

These lenses are available in a wide variety of colors such as blue, green, grey, amber, copper, vermillion, and sunrise. The blue and green lenses are mirrored, making them perfect for sailing or for use on the water. The grey lenses are perfect for use in bright light and all types of sports, whereas the amber and copper colors are perfect for everyday activities and sports as well. The vermillion tinted lenses are ideal for low light areas and sunrise is best for dawn and dusk time visibility.

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