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Costa Del Mar Cut Sunglasses Review

costa del mar cut sunglasses reviewThe Cut Shades by Costa Del Mar are going through some serious scrutiny by both fashion conscious shoppers and people who want to get the best out of the sunglasses when they go out fishing in the sunny weather. The Cut pair is crafted from what the brand describes as tough nylon and has integral hinges. With this pair of sunglasses on your side, it becomes a whole lot easier to put your line exactly where you prefer.

The sunglasses come with a lifetime warranty. Costa Del Mar had this pair made by hand and therefore backed for life. The choice between the two types of lenses is fairly a choice of preference, as the plastic lenses are lighter on your face while the glass lenses give you more clarity in vision and are also scratch resistant.

The Lens

The glasses are featured in the 580 lens. These come in glass as well as plastic. These are also the highest definition sunglasses that you can buy. Visual clarity is one aspect that you receive at its optimum along with the most technology and durability. If you have already tried any other Costa Del Mar Sunglasses with these lenses, you will know that there is little surprise that nine patents went into making the 580 glass. In other words, this is seriously a technical pair of sunglasses. The 580 Plastic is a more lightweight option than the glass one.

The Green Mirror Color

The lens color is for people who are enthusiastic about streams, rivers, flats fishing, and inshore fishing. Any other activity that is similar to these fall under the category too. Wherever you need a bit more coverage than usual, the lenses do the job right. The bottom line is that there is a lot of visual pop and clarity with the green mirrors.

Cut is Prescription Ready

Before you get these, make sure they are a good fit for you in terms of face shape and your overall style. You can visit any prescription Costa retailer for these. Always look for the Rx logo to verify authenticity. For Costa Del Mar Cut sunglasses, you will not have to compromise on quality or anything else, the brand deals with this every day and now almost all of the glasses they have need prescription ready feature. The Cut style is one that will look dashing on anyone out on a sunny day and replacing their specs.

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