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Best Sunglasses for Boating – Review

boating sunglasses reviewProfessional boaters and fishing experts understand the importance of the right sunglasses when out in the sun, or while cruising on the sea. Whether fishing in fresh waters or out in the gulfs, the right sunglasses can save a person from a lot of terrible conditions. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause extensive damage to the retina and the skin around the eyes, which stay protected under the right frames. Sunlight can get even more damaging when reflected from the water straight into the eyes, affecting eyesight over time.

Needless to say, going out on the sea, for extended periods of time without the right sunglasses is very risky if not downright foolish.  Here are some guidelines for selecting the right frames to ensure you stay protected from the damaging effects of the sun.

Polarized lenses – (buy Polarized Sunglasses)

The right sunglasses for boating must have polarized lenses. When out boating, the sunlight reflects from the water’s surface and forms a concentrated glare that can not only impair vision, but damage eyes due to the concentrated effect of the glare. Ordinary sunglasses can reduce the amount of light reaching our eyes, however they do not cancel out the damaging effects of the concentrated UV light.  Polarized lenses block out all glares and UV rays, keeping the eyes safe from any damage.

Lens color

Sunglasses are available in a variety of different colors; however our choice of sunglasses should not be based on which color we personally prefer, but on the desired effect of each color and what we require from our sunglasses. Visible light transmission or the percentage of total light that is reflected into the lens is how lenses are evaluated. For boating, sunglasses should have a total visible light transmission that falls between 15 to 30%.

Gray: gray colored lenses reduce glare and they are ideal for use on land and on the water.

Purple or pink: Pink colored lenses help enhance colors to increase visibility against a blue background, which makes them ideal for boating trips.

Green: Green colored lenses are ideal for fishing due to the fact that they enhance the vision which might be impaired under the sharp rays of the sun.


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Shape of the Glasses

To minimize color distortion, flat lenses are more appropriate. Curved lenses tire the eyes due to the extra effort they need to correct vision through lens that is refracting rays and as a result may cause headaches. Check to see if these lenses are made out of multilayer material, with a coating that is antireflective, ultraviolet ray proof and water repellant as well.

Lens material

One of the best materials for sunglasses is polycarbonate, which is durable, tough and shatter proof. It is easy to wrap around the face toe block wind, water and light. They also block light completely so keeping the wearer safe from any UV ray damage.


All in all, the shades should be lightweight and flexible. Keep away from metal and other such materials as they will corrode easily near salt water. Try to find glasses made of nylon or zyl as they are the best material for sunglasses required for boating.

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