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Are Ray-Ban Clubmasters Made in China?

Lately, many consumers have been weary about Ray-Ban Clubmasters being made in China. When you purchase a pair of Clubmasters and you open up the inside of the temples (arm,) and see that it says, “made in China,” you might automatically think they are fake, right? Wrong.

Luxottica, the manufacturing company that makes Ray-Ban now makes certain styles and colors in China. The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is one of those styles, currently. However, being that they are made in China, that does not compromise the quality of the product as they are still made from the same material with the same machines in a different location.

You can read more about Luxottica / RAY-BAN manufacturing product in China here. And yes – ONLY sells AUTHENTIC brand name sunglasses. Picture below taken by

ray-ban clubmasters made in china

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