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How to Replace Temples on Acetate Frames

Replacing the temples on acetate frames usually costs a lot less than replacing the whole pair of sunglasses. Once you’ve purchased replacement spectacle arms for your Ray-Ban sunglasses, you’re just a few simple steps away from having a fully functional pair of sunglasses again.

How to Install Replacement Arms for Glasses

  1. Verify the replacement parts correspond with the original

    acetate frames

  2. Unscrew the damaged temples

    replacement arms for glasses

  3. Install the new temples

    replacement spectacle arms

  4. Check that the temples are not too loose or too tight

    Be espcially careful in the case of Flex Hinges 

  5. Visually Inspect the repaired eyewear

    Ensuring the temples are horizontally aligned and close properly.  replacing temples on sunglasses

  6. Make sure the frame rests flat and the temples are aligned vertically

    sunglasses temple replacement

  7. Clean the frames

    Gently polish the frame and lenses with a microfiber cloth.  replacement temples

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