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What Sunglasses is Zac Efron Wearing in The Neighbors – The Movie

Want the Zac Efron look in the movie, The Neighbors? You want that awesome look becuase Zac Efron is sporting two pairs of insanely awesome sunglasses that any one would want to wear.

zec efron ray ban outdoorsman sunglasses the neighbors

Source: Unknown / The Neighbors

ray ban 3030 outdoorsmanThis is the Ray-Ban 3030, Outdoorsman. This is a very popular Ray-Ban Aviator and you see how cool it is but looks slightly different than the regular classic Ray-Ban Aviator.

These are a 58mm wide lens and go well on medium to large faces.






zac efron sunglasses neighbors  The other frame Zac Efron is wearing in the movie is a Persol PO 0649 sunglasses. These are amazing shades with a vintage feel and style.

persol 0649 sunglasses Persol 0649 – Click to Shop




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