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What Sunglasses is Jake Gyllenhaal Wearing in NightCrawler The Movie?

What Sunglasses is Jake Gyllenhaal Wearing in the movie NIGHTCRAWLER? If you’ve seen the movie NightCrawler, you’ll notice Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a pair of sunglasses that are a clubmaster-style. Clubmasters are those sunglasses that have a round shape frame with the very classic look, most notably and popular, the RAY-BAN CLUBMASTER. While we don’t know what exact brand he is wearing, we can tell you 100% he is wearing a clubmaster-style pair of sunglasses which we’ll give you some options to get the same style!

jake gylenhaal sunglasses nightcrawler


Clubmaster-Style sunglasses for under $30:

clubmaster style sunglasses

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses:

ray ban clubmaster style sunglasses

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