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What Ray-Ban Size Am I?

One of the questions we get asked ALL day long is our awesome shoppers asking, “What Ray-Ban Size Am I,?” “What Ray-Ban Size Do I Buy?” There’s lots to be said about sizing and personal style / preference. This question is mostly asked when looking to buy Ray-Ban Aviators, Clubmasters or Wayfarers. However, there is a way to getting a great fit if you’re not sure and you really like your sunglasses fitting according to your face fit.

ray ban size

>> Is there a difference between Ray-Ban sizes for men and women? // The answer is NO. Again, sizes on sunglasses depend on personal style and what size will fit you best. All Ray-Ban sizes are measured in MM (millimeters,) by the width of the lenses.  So, depending on the size you are, small, medium, etc – that will be your size regardless of gender / sex.

>> What size Ray-Ban Wayfarer or What size Ray-Ban Avaitors do men wear? // The size really depends on your face, again, regardless of sex / gender. Typically, the RB 2140 the most popular is the 50mm which is the classic size and in the new wayfarer, RB 2132, the most popular for men is 55mm.

Click to see our Ray-Ban Size Chart.

See our Ray-Ban lens size / measurement video here:

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