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What Oakley Sunglasses Are Best for a Big Head?

Sunglasses have become one of the most important accessories carried and owned by people, all over the world. Besides offering protection to the eyes from the glaring rays of the sun, sunglasses have also become a fashion statement, and a necessity for every individual.

The constantly rising popularity of sunglasses amongst the masses has been due to the use of the accessory by famous and glamorous celebrities. Another reason is the increasing awareness amongst people about the importance of protecting the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun, and their detrimental effect on the visibility of an individual.

The rising demand for sunglasses has resulted in a wide variety of different frames and lens options in the market, to enable people to easily select sunglass frames and lenses, which answer their specific needs and requirements. Individuals with medium to large sized heads, sometimes face problems in choosing a suitable sunglass frame for themselves. But the different brands and companies operating in the industry have devised special sizes and even specific sunglass frames, to cater to the needs of those who require larger framed sunglasses for comfortable use.

The Oakley Offshoot

The Offshoot is a special frame designed by the Oakley brand, for the express use of those who require a larger and roomier frame, to easily fit on their faces. The frame of these sunglasses is light in weight and has specially designed metal hinges on the stems tips and hinges, to give it a unique and dashing look.

The frame has special curvature lenses which enable a comfortable and easy vision, along with better protection from the ultra violet and blue light. The Offshoots are the largest frames designed by the brand, and offer better visibility for individuals who require large sunglasses for comfortable outdoor use.

Oakley Batwolf

The Batwolf are stylish Oakley sunglasses, which have been designed for the comfort of individuals who have medium to large faces, and want suitable frames for everyday use. The Batwolf has a wrapped frame design which ensures better eye coverage and protection from the ultra violet rays and blue light.

Oil Rig

The Oakley Oil Rig has been specifically designed to ensure comfort to individuals with medium to larger heads, who require suitable sunglass frames for outdoor use. The frame has durable and precision based hinge mechanisms, which ensure user comfort and ease while adjusting the frame for better visibility.

Monster Dog

The Oakley Monster Dog is a perfect choice of sunglasses for individuals with medium to large sized faces. The frame has a structurally designed special hinge mechanism which facilitates the user to easily and comfortably adjust the sunglasses for daily use.

Big Taco

The Big Taco is an Oakley sunglass model which boasts of a unique and stylish approach to sunglasses, designed for the use of individuals who have a need for comfortable frames for outdoor use. The frame is specially designed with a three point fit mechanism, which assists in the easy adjustment of the sunglass frame.

Individuals, who require medium to large sunglass frames for comfortable eyewear, can really benefit the wide variety of suitable options available in the market. SHOP ALL OAKLEY SUNGLASSES.

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