What Are The Best Sunglasses Lens Color for Driving?

Driving demands a lot from our eyes. We may cope with blinding sunlight, fog, wet roads, and glare off surfaces of other cars. Additionally, we need to be able to see road signs and traffic signals. Choosing the right sunglasses can decrease eye strain and help us see better in tough driving conditions. This is not only better for drivers, but for the other people sharing the road. If you drive a lot, your sunglasses are far more than just another summer accessory. They can help get you there safely. Here are your best choices in lenses for driving sunglasses.

Brown, Copper, and Amber Lenses

Brown, copper, and amber shades provide natural contrast, and help block blue light and glare. Not only do lenses in this range of colors enhance contrast, they are soothing to the eyes, and are favorites of professional drivers and pilots. Fortunately, you can find lots of terrific styles with lenses in brown shades, like the Dolce Gabbana DB4123. The slim side pieces attached at the top of the frames won’t block side vision like thicker side pieces can.


Gray Lenses

Gray lenses are an all-around good choice for sunglasses. Gray is the perfect neutral that blocks excess blue light and lets you see truer colors than other lens shades. Gray lenses are very comfortable when you’re in sunlight for extended periods. The Von Zipper Cletus in a Black Satin frame with Vintage Gray lenses is a good choice. Again, the side pieces are slimmer and won’t compromise side vision, while the large lenses ensure adequate shading from bright light.


Green Lenses

Green lenses are also restful for the eyes, and block out excess blue light to cut down on glare. It’s no wonder dark green lenses have been a favorite of pilots and beachgoers for decades. They look terrific and help keep eyes comfortable without compromising contrast. These Super Sunglasses by RetroSuperFuture in a Light Havana frame are not only good for driving, they’re gorgeous – perfect for a variety of styles whether you’re behind the wheel or not.


Polarized Lenses

If you do a lot of driving in traffic, you should consider choosing sunglasses with polarized lenses. Polarized lenses may be any color, and they are great for blocking glare like the glare on water and the glare that’s produced by horizontal surfaces of cars. The Ray Ban Aviator Polarized RB3025 with Crystal Green polarized lenses looks great on just about everyone, will never go out of style, and block glare like nobody’s business. Here’s a pair on Rocker Lenny Kravitz.


Take care of your eyes when you’re behind the wheel, and you’ll reduce eye strain and glare, so you can stay alert to any road and weather conditions you may encounter.

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