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The Sexiest Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

Do you want to make a splash at the office, or at a family event? How about that great club your best friend has been dying to get you into? Sunglasses are the perfect accessory for two reasons: they allow attention to be drawn to your face while at the same time complimenting your hair and your outfit. While some people associate sunglasses with hiding, what they don’t realize is that the right pair of sunglasses can draw more attention to your face than any elaborate or time-consuming makeup. Thankfully, stylish sunglasses are easy to come by if you’re shopping the right brands. Ralph Lauren has long been a favorite of many, making them a wise choice when it comes to attention grabbing sunglasses. With styles ranging from classic to avant garde, Ralph Lauren makes sunglasses for any face or personality.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren RA4004 101/13


Classic aviators suit many facial shapes.

Ralph by Ralph Lauren RA4004 101/13 is a very popular style of sunglasses. This particular casual, yet classy pair of shades can complement outfits meant for the office or a day at the park. The rose colored lenses won’t distort your view of the world, or anyone’s view of your beautiful eyes. The rounded aviator-ish frames are great for those ladies with heart shaped faces! Because the aviator shape mimics the shape of your face, it draws plenty of positive attention.

Ralph Lauren RA 4072 234/11

RA 4072 234-11

Here’s a retro look that’s updated for right this minute.

These Ralph Lauren sunglasses, model RA 4072 234/11, are perfect for those of you looking for a sophisticated pair of shades with classic lines. They have a very classic, Audrey Hepburn look that goes well on many women’s faces. The neutral colors make them perfect for any outfit, whether it’s a sophisticated beige suit, or a turquoise maxi-dress. These classic glasses are great for girls with squarer faces, or a defined jaw, since they mimic the shape of the face and add symmetry.

Ralph Lauren RA5003 501/87


Release your inner Audrey Hepburn with these glorious shades.

Mod girls looking for a sexy pair of shades love wearing Ralph Lauren model RA5003 501/87. These small, streamlined shades bring to mind the lines of a beautiful rounded Porsche, and put one in mind of mini dresses and the summer of love. These fabulous sunglasses are perfect for a day on the town or a fun drive up the California coast! The colors compliment even the boldest clothing, yet add a hint of timeless simplicity to even the most elaborate dress.

Ralph Lauren RA5150 501/11

RA5150 501-11

What’s sexier than big cat-eye sunglasses? Mrrrrrrow!

What’s better than today’s oversized sunglasses? Why, oversize cat-eye sunglasses, of course! Everyone is a fan of the extremely sexy cat eye shape, but sometimes the frames run a little smaller than what some people look for. Ralph Lauren’s RA5150 501/11 are the best of both worlds; the pointed top outer corners, with the bottom of the frame rounded out. And they’re big! Perfect for making that little black dress even sexier, or for running to grab coffee in the morning before you put on your make up.

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