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What Sunglasses Does Fernando Alonso Wear?

What Sunglasses Does Fernando Alonso Wear?

Fernando Alonso is often seen wearing custom designed Oakley garage rock sunglasses in most of his public appearances. The sunglass was designed as an ode to the 60’s and 70’s style. The sunglass epitomizes the rise of rock music and bears a classic look like our favorite rock music stars. The frame is made of O-Matter that provides ultimate durability along with comfort. The lenses are designed with high definition optics technology that provides ultimate clarity and protection from the harmful rays of the sun. The polarized lenses stop all kinds of glares from shining surfaces. Thus, they are ideal for most occasions. The lenses also have a thin iridium coating and reflect all possible UV and R rays of the sun. Comfort and fixture is ensured by the popular three point fix mechanism that holds the specs at the right place, thus increasing clarity of vision.

Fernando was also seen wearing an Oakley Holbrook. Like the garage Rock edition, the Holbrook is also a classic sunglass aimed at redefining the styles of the 60’s. It is exquisitely designed to ensure the style stayed similar but the technology used for manufacturing enhanced the quality and overall of the sunglasses. Like major Oakley sunglasses, this edition is also made of frames manufactured from O Matter. The plutonite layer on the lens blocks all possible UV rays from the sun. The sunglass is also equipped with a special material that blocks IR rays up to 400nm wavelengths. Thus, it is considered as one of the most effective IR reflectors among all sunglasses available in the market.

Optical precision and a light weight design make it extremely comfortable to wear in any occasion. It has also been tested for impact resistance and ballistic tests making it extremely durable and stress resistant. The high definition polarized, lenses provide excellent clarity in vision while blocking all unnecessary rays of light. Thus the clarity is visibility is maintained even in low light conditions. The iridium coating also acts as a glare reducing material along with other alloys. The sleek design and perfect curvature make it one of the most popular sunglasses.

A number of additional accessories are also available with the sunglasses that maintain flexibility in style and usage. Interchangeable lenses that along with the innovative switch lock technology allows you to change your lenses within seconds, are among the best features of the glasses. Some sunglasses are uniquely designed by famous artists and designers and there are only limited editions of such unique sunglasses.



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